Wicked Sanctimony

This is Ms. ZygDeon's book debut, and it is unusual to say the least! Lots of details on angels and demons fill this world, and Ms. ZygDeon does an excellent job explaining the various characters in this world. Tight action and responses are in this compact book. But don't let the size of this book minimize the impact your brain will receive once you start reading this novel.

In the future, there is a brother-sister hybrid of an immortal and the wicked: Anise and Jaime. As their time of choosing which to become (good or bad), their mother extracts a promise from an angel to be a guardian to Anise (i.e. protect her at all costs). This is because Jaime dies off in the beginning of the book. But did he?

This is one question the reader needs to figure out by yourself. Anise has two sisters she is entwined with. Each with sexual intentions towards Anise most of the time. Eventually Gabriel becomes involved in helping her learn how to fight battles against evil. In the end, Anise learns the truth about herself and her brother: she knows who her mother is, and who Esmeralda is and why she is there for her. Some she learns too late after the last battle.

The battle was fought, but the war has yet to be decided.

For a first novel, this is a well-developed world, with a complete cast of characters. This appears to be the start of an arc series pattern, so look for the next installment as I'm sure it will be as interesting as this novel! And I look forward to reading it.

Book Blurb for Wicked Sanctimony

In a future where there are no boundaries between the moral and the wicked, the immortals, both the beings of the light and the usurpers of the dark, thrive on the drained domain that humans call earth. Having fallen prey to the blood drinking demons, humans have all but lost their protection against such darkness, as the angels are engrossed in fighting amongst themselves. Born in the middle of the infighting, the hybrid Anise Pierce has her mind set on vengeance against the hierarchy of demons that murdered her twin brother Jaime. Little does Anise know that she was created for a destiny far beyond mortal comprehension... harboring the blood of both angels and demons, Anise has the potential to destroy the Immortal Plane as they know it. Now she is faced with the power to walk into both Heaven and Hell, places that should be forbidden to the eyes of the living, lest they be subject to corruption of their minds and souls. Despite the ruin of human civilization, the hierarchy of Archangels known as The Order endures but in dwindling numbers. Dabria, a jaded and idealistic Archangel-in-training, finds her loyalty tested as the secrets of her stoic and harsh mentor Gabriel, the Angel of the Steel Sword, become revealed. She is faced with even more controversial deliberations when an old friend emerges from the shadows to offer her something that no Archangel could ever deny: Guardianship. Henceforth Dabria is bound to a girl with power that no living being should ever possess. The power to infiltrate both Heaven and Hell.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2016 4.50