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An Esther Diamond Novel

This is a great book. I've never read any books by L. R., but I've got the list for her other books, so I'm going to give it a whirl after Thanksgiving! It was very descriptive, had some fun moments, a complete lack of reverence for vampires and the cults they spawn, and an in depth look at the actors who cultivate/portray vampire personas. I loved the "city below the city" look (reminds me of the Underground Tours in Seattle) when she crawls/walks through the sewers. The "Janes" were hilarious! If you know of someone who's so into the Twilight or Harry Potter series that they dress up as a certain character in a book then you can relate to this whole novel. I admit I was creeped out by some of the blood issues in this book, but the results were spectacular. This is an unforgettable book, if you love vampires, humorous situations, and intrigue, go out and read it!

The only down side I can foresee, is deciding when you have a block of time to read it. I'm eagerly looking forward to catching up on this novelist's booklist before the end of all the holidays.

Book Blurb for Vamparazzi

Playing a scantily clad vampire victim in an off-Broadway play, struggling actress Esther Diamond now may be the target of someone who claims to be a genuine bloodsucker...

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 4.75