The Unbearable Lightness of Dragons

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The Unbearable Lightness of Dragons

A Novel of the Light Dragons

I just finished reading this latest novel by Katie M. and I was delighted!!! She played like she usually does, close to her bookmarks, and it was well worth the effort. I laughed a lot, wished I could I call all of you to tell you how much I enjoyed this book at 3 this morning. Instead, I'm letting you sleep, so you can read this when you arise.

Never was I loath for having to put down to do those simple things in life: eating, sleeping, and perhaps working. I can clearly say if this book was made of chocolate, it could not have sweeter (nor more tempting to indulge). Katie did an outstanding job writing a story with a great plot, wonderful sex scenes (the coil of rope and small chainsaw were pure genius, BTW), excellent characterizations, and good ole "Jim" with its usual (or unusual?) bad boy self. Magic, mystery, and humor abound in this novel making it a must read on your to-do list.

One minor issue: Katie uses the pronoun "I" for the main character and for a while the reader maybe unaware of who the "I" is in this book. So, if you're rusty on this dragon series, reread the last book Katie published in this series to get a better idea of who she's writing about. And if you're a new reader, check out the series first as most of her previous characters have at least an honorable mention in this book. Katie does a great job explaining who everyone is without making it boring; I actually look forward to her brief descriptions on past people/events as it can be quite entertaining. 

All of which makes what I'm going to say good/bad news depending on how you like it (and who you are): there's GOT to be another book coming as I have unanswered questions!!!

Kudos to another stellar book Ms. Katie M.

Book Blurb for The Unbearable Lightness of Dragons

Ysolde Bouchier is still coming to terms with the dragon part of her, while at the same time trying to free a friend of Baltic-her Black Dragon lover-from the weyr, get Baltic to meet with the dragons who want him dead, rescue a half-dragon damsel in over her head, raise the shade of the man everyone says killed her, and once and for all clear Baltic's name of the murder charges that continue to plague him.

For Ysolde, being a dragon is starting to bite.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 5.00