The Rx Factor

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The Rx Factor

This book was excellent. I was wrapped into it before I finished reading the first chapter. This book is similar in depth and knowledge (background of the author too) of the medical issues as are John Grisham novels in the legal profession. What makes this book remarkable is how the medical issues are a backdrop to the inside stories. There are crosses, double-crosses and a few surprises along the way as you delve into who is killing whom and discovering who the perpetrators are behind all of these actions. I enjoyed reading the foreground as it sets the mood of this novel by providing necessary information which sparks this novel. I especially enjoyed reading beyond the story to how this novel began. I admit to some checking on the information provided, which made this novel more plausible in my eyes and as a result more memorable. This novel takes deep issues and lays it out for the reader to explore, digest, and come to conclusions which may/may not be the writer’s.

What could I say as a drawback to this novel? To be honest, very few. If you are not into drama, suspense, or a heavy hitting book on the medical profession, this skip this read. However, if you’re concerned about medical terminology being above your knowledge, don’t be. Most words are common 2-3 syllables in length. Other than the words “ovarian cancer,” there are few medical terms to stumble over. As for an understanding of the FDA and how it works, I too, was surprised about the complexity of this administration.

Book Blurb for The Rx Factor

After emerging from a five year hangover on the Bahamian Island of Exuma, Dr. Ryan Matthews begins his quest to find the truth behind the real cause of the death of his family.

Sobered up by the sensational murder of the family of the new women in his life, Jordan Carver, Ryan sets off on a thrill ride of adventure, marred in danger, with villains at the highest level of both the corporate and political worlds determined to bring him down. To discover the truth and expose one of America's best kept secrets, Ryan will have to bend the rules, break the law and maybe even kill.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 4.50