The Broken Window

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The Broken Window

The Threshold Series, #3

The Broken Window is the third novel in a Christian-based series for young adults. Ms. Kinde does an excellent job of creating an intriguing story without talking down her audience. Also included in back of this novel is a Glossary and series of Discussion Questions sections. What’s more, according to this novel, the Threshold Series will conclude in the next book.

Prissie (Precious) is a busy young woman who has several tasks to complete before Christmas for God. At first, she is miserable as she discovers people are spreading rumors, and most are coming from her friends. She tries to ignore and forgive the people who are making fun of her. And it’s not just the rumors that are hurting her, it’s how her homemade items are put down as well as all her friends deserting her. No one seems to want to be her friend except one: Ransom.

As Christmas draws near, Prissie spends more time with her family as well as the angels. It is through the angels that Prissie discovers Koji is to stay with her at all times. This is due to Adin and his minions fighting to gain control over Precious. There many harrowing experiences and by the end, an unexpected acceptance of Our Lord by someone learning to walk with Christ.

Ms. Kinde does a wonderful job creating a story where the heroine has good qualities, makes a few mistakes, and starts to grow in terms of analyzing where she (Prissie) veers off her chosen path. With the many adventures Ms. Kinde creates in this tale, the questions match the text nicely. I enjoyed this novel and while I have not had the chance to read the rest of the series, I discovered this author included a web site for those who cannot wait for the concluding novel. Enjoy!

Book Blurb for The Broken Window

In this third installment of Christa Kinde's Threshold Series, Prissie Pomeroy sheds much of her naivete as her hometown is shaken by an invisible war. Angels and demons clash in this supernatural adventure for readers aged eleven and up. Jedrick can't say for sure if Prissie met the members of his Flight because she was in danger, or if she's in danger because she knows them. Either way, she's being singled out by a cunning foe. While Prissie throws herself into the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, Koji takes his promise seriously and stays close by her side. Prissie can't wait to share her Christmas traditions with him. Including Ransom and Marcus in the festivities is harder to take. A new enemy turns out to be an old friend. A demonic horde boils up from the Deep. A light is sent into the darkness. Prissie's about to discover that some gifts are greater than others, and some triumphs come at great price.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2014 4.00