Summer Moon

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Summer Moon

Celtic Wolves, #2

This novel is in the Celtic Wolves series; the plot had a strong start and a great finish. If you like shifter books (werewolves), this one is a good one. I liked the different contrasts Ms. DeLima places in this story regarding Wolves, and the political hierarchy. Very descriptive passages and the detailed subplots also aid in this novel.

Rosa Alban has little time now that her husband is dead. With her choices limited and her desire to remain alive extremely high, Rosa knows she must make a pact with the neighboring tribe. So she runs to them for aid, and in turn, ends up marrying the Beast of Merrin: Luc Black. Luc marries only to strengthen his tribe’s territory as his love and memories belong to his first wife: Koko. He promises one night to seal the deal. Rosa agrees.

The soap opera content is complex as it spans through each novel, and Ms. DeLima’s ability to keep it constant and varied are to be commended. Also, in the back of the novel is a Glossary which will catch any reader up to speed with great ease. I’m eagerly awaiting the next novel’s arrival.

Book Blurb for Summer Moon

She won’t be ruled again?

Rosa Alban has been obedient her entire life. But when her alpha husband dies, she seizes the opportunity to flee the oppressive Guardians?the rulers of the secret shapeshifter world. Her flight instantly brands her as a pack traitor, and she has no choice but to seek protection from a neighboring tribe by marrying one of their sons.

Known as the Beast of Merin, Luc Black loyally plays the part of unwanted son and devoted brother. He realizes marrying Rosa will strengthen his tribe’s territory, but he has no intention of loving ever again. Still, he’s unprepared for the intense physical need the wild she-wolf awakens in him.

When the Guardians hone in on Rosa, Luc must fight to protect his new bride. And as war descends, the unlikely allies discover their destinies are irrevocably entwined

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2014 4.00