Sparrow Falling

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Sparrow Falling

This is an excellent read from the first page all the way to the end. Gaie Sebold has a wonderful sense of justice mixed with humor and revenge! It's fast paced with tons of description included to give the reader a sense of the time period. This book empowers women during a time when there wasn't much power for a woman to hold. The storyline is well developed and has a wonderful cast of eccentric characters.

Evie Sparrow is busy running a school for young women. Some whose families can pay, and the rest she's taken in to show them another manner of earning a living by teaching them the tricks of the illegal trade of fraud. But Evie wants to do one better by her students by showing them the "tricks", so she can provide security to companies who aren't looking for those "tricks" and get taken.

If that wasn't bad enough, Evie has a run in with a man who might get her into deeper trouble by getting her to kidnap a baby from an embassy. And then Ma Pether and Evie's mother have a fight. Evie and her friends band together and attempt to pull off a bait and switch. The questions remain who will be in hotter water: Evie, Stug, or Liu (Evie's friend from the Folk).

This novel provides a great take on the Folk's world and court. I loved the school and how Evie might switch her business to fraud prevention/security. Without giving away the ending, Ms. Seabold created a world that seems hard to leave as it seems there might be more novels coming in the future. So keep an eye out for them as shall I. In the meantime, check out her other novel in this series: Shanghai Sparrow. I know I will.

Book Blurb for Sparrow Falling

Master spy, former con-artist, Eveline Duchen returns in adventure set in a world of steam and magic.

Eveline Sparrow (formerly Duchen) hopes to put her past experiences as a thief and con-artist to more legitimate use; which is why some of the girls at her Sparrow School receive private lessons in burglary, fakery, and other such underhand practices. 

But it’s hard to get honest work when few businesses will employ young ladies in the security professions.  The duns are at the doorstep, her friend Liu the half-fox-spirit is in some sort of trouble, and the rivalries of the Folk are in danger of overspilling into the mundane world and forcing the Empire into a bloody and horrifying war.  Can Eveline pull things out of the mire this time, or will the Sparrow’s wings be clipped once and for all?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2016 4.50