Six Heirs

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Six Heirs

The Secret of Ji, #1

Excellent story! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. Mr. Grimbert’s series is suspenseful and highly entertaining. A page turner from beginning to end: and you will not want it to stop from there! Plot development was tight as were the characters. And the anecdotal encyclopedia behind the story provides a deeper understanding in terms of people, places and things. Please check in back if you want a richer experience ___ it’s worth it!

In this novel, a group of wise people from many lands gathered over a hundred years prior and discovered a secret on an island. What they find on the island is fantastic and amazing! After that time, they arranged to meet every three years or so to ponder this secret.

As time went on, people aged and died. Having realized this sooner, this group agreed their heirs needed to know this secret; so it was passed down until many years later, someone hired assassins to kill all of them. In one year, all but six died. At this point, all six managed to locate each other and go to the place to discuss what should happen next with the secret on the island.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. I have a wide vocabulary, but it was challenging at times to read when it came to the terminology. However by using the essential bonus material in back, it went a lot smoother. Readers need to be aware this is a translated book (from French to English) and use the annotated encyclopedia as it is an excellent aid. I enjoyed reading the extra information too. I plan to keep an eye out for the rest of the series as it is suspenseful as it is intriguing. Enjoy!

Book Blurb for Six Heirs

The Known World is a sprawling region ruled by mortals, protected by gods, and plied by magicians and warriors, merchants and beggars, royals and scoundrels. Here, those with the gift of the Erjak share a psychic bond with animals; a far-reaching fraternity unites criminals of every persuasion in a vast army of villainy; and upon the mighty river Alt, the dead will one day sail seeking vengeance on the enemies of their descendants.

But for all the Known World’s wonders, splendors, and terrors, what has endured most powerfully is the strange legacy of Ji. Emissaries from every nation—the grand Goranese Empire; desolate, frozen Arkary; cosmopolitan Lorelia; and beyond—followed an enigmatic summons into the unknown. Some never returned; others were never the same. Each successive generation has guarded the profound truth and held sacred the legendary event. But now, the very last of them—and the wisdom they possess—are threatened. The time has come to fight for ultimate enlightenment…or fall to infinite darkness.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 5.00