A Mindspace Investigations Novel

Another successful, criminal, paranormal novel by Alex Hughes! Outstanding situations, great drama, and deep characterizations create a tightly intense reading experience. Adam is in transition in this novel, and Alex Hughes illustrates how Adam recovers, succeeds, or fails to meet goals and his reactions aid in his recovery process.

Adam is back at work ___ even though his brain is still trying to recover from burnout, without letting on to his boss and coworkers how injured he really is. This is especially important as funding is short in the police department, and job justification is crucial in order for him to stay employed. While he’s recovering he is tasked with trying to discover who is behind a murder which has linked implications leading back to his past (the time three students of his were injured in a classroom experiment while he was “high as a kite” on Satin).

All indications lead to that pivotal moment. Along the way to figuring it out, Adam discovers a lot about himself, his friends, and coworkers. He realizes many truths, says goodbye to his past, helps Cherabino’s family (despite ongoing relationship tensions between them) and has some cherished moments with Swartz and Bellury. Adam struggles with the concept of accepting (let alone asking for) help from others, and at times, this “failure” could unhinge all his recovery efforts as well as his life.

This was an emotional story fraught with danger, and the tensions surrounding past transgressions make Adam seem unbalanced, but who isn’t when confronting their ghosts? Adam still has headaches and heartaches as he grows and develops into a caring person beyond caring whether or not his basic needs are being met. This is an enjoyable series. It’s so good, I find myself yearning for the next book to arrive the moment I finished the last page of this book, and you will too.

Book Blurb for Sharp

HISTORY HAS A WAY OF REPEATING ITSELF, EVEN FOR TELEPATHS.… As a Level Eight telepath, I am the best police interrogator in the department. But I’m not a cop—I never will be—and my only friend on the force, Homicide Detective Isabella Cherabino, is avoiding me because of a telepathic link I created by accident. And I might not even be an interrogator for much longer. Our boss says unless I pull out a miracle, I’ll be gone before Christmas. I need this job, damn it. It’s the only thing keeping me sane. Parts for illegal Tech—the same parts used to bring the world to its knees in the Tech Wars sixty years ago—are being hijacked all over the city. Plus Cherbino's longtime nemesis, a cop killer, has resurfaced with a vengeance. If I can stay alive long enough, I just might be able to prove my worth, once and for all...

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 4.50