Once Shadows Fall

A Thriller, #1

You're in for a real treat. What a novel! It takes your breath away and doesn't come back until the book (or case) is closed! Second thought: If this is his first novel, what is he going to write for the encore?! Dynamic action and suspense collide with intellect in this psychological thriller. Very fast paced throughout the book, the reader has no time to sit and analyze like the characters do.

Money and technology can be found in police precincts in big towns and bigger cities; so no one is surprised when a county sheriff outside Atlanta, Georgia asks for support from the bigger city. This is supposed to be Beth Sturgis' first homicide as lead, and her partner is out on medical leave. So when the case becomes more complicated than anticipated, Beth turns to an outsider: Dr. Jack Kale. An ex-FBI psychologist whose last case, the Scarecrow killer, ended in a permanent medical leave and a new job title.

Beth read the file, thought she knew the case and the psychologist, but discovered the man along the way. It is a race against time as they try to solve all the clues (and they're there), dot all the i's (because police, just like psychologists do tons of paperwork), and cross their t's to get the killer before he can kill again. Because sooner or later it might be one of them, and only the truth exists Once Shadows Fall.

Book Blurb for Once Shadows Fall

After years of paying her dues on the force, Beth Sturgis has earned her place as a detective for the Robbery-Homicide division of the Atlanta PD. Now, she's heading up a major manhunt for a potential serial killer who’s working his way inward from the outskirts of the city. The copycat elements in the first crime scene lead Sturgis to retired FBI agent Jack Kale, who was responsible for apprehending and nearly killing the murderer known as the Scarecrow, the same Scarecrow who appears to be this new killer's terrible inspiration.

A reclusive single father and university professor, Kale is trying to keep the demons at bay through therapy and avoidance. That is, until Sturgis shows up asking for his help. Against his better judgment, Kale is drawn into the most dangerous cat and mouse game of his life. Robert Daniels's Once Shadows Fall, is a gripping thriller in the bestselling tradition of Silence of the Lambs and is sure to become a crime fiction classic.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2016 5.00