Mulled Murder

Pennyfoot Holiday Mysteries

A more thoroughly enjoyable book will be hard to find once you’ve read Mulled Murder. I loved how the characters and scenery meshed from the start. After writing many books in this series the occasional reminder of the era comes easily and smoothly to Ms. Kingsbury. She provides a road map into a society gone by. The language, dress and customs are easy to understand thanks to how Kate Kingsbury inserts explanations or uses humor to defuse a tense situation.

One place I enjoyed was the kitchen. A simpler time meant simple communication. The station or job position provided the means for how simple the person’s speech. Ms. Kingsbury does a clever turn with words in this novel in the kitchen. I could visualize the chain of command and how trust figured into this place. People come and go in the kitchen and there’s a level of trust for an entry position not to take various items from the kitchen.

I have to admit the bathroom was another source of humor. All the “water issues” were a great reminder how reliable plumbing is essential today and how thankful I am for that! In the early 1900’s, indoor plumbing was still considered a luxury.

In this last novel in the Hotel Pennyfoot Mysteries, Mulled Murder takes the time to address the sanity (or insanity) of running a hotel during Christmas. If absent employees, new hires, water issues, and a wedding weren’t enough for Cecily Sinclair Baxter to contend, then there’s always the murder and mayhem to fall back on. And in this season of giving, for Cecily it’s just a matter of arranging priorities. To which, she does ever so well.

As for whom my favorite character was in this novel, it is Ms. Chubbs hands down! She is deft in dealing with the many crises that came her way, is a hard worker, and her unquestionable loyalty to Cecily is impeachable. And she is not the only character with a history or connection to Cecily. Warning this book was hard to put down (even for sleep) as it was gripping and suspenseful at all times. Enjoy!

Book Blurb for Mulled Murder

This holiday season at the Pennyfoot, the head count is down?but the body count is up?

With one of her housemaids leaving to get married, Cecily Sinclair Baxter wants nothing more for Christmas than some good help. Instead of visions of sugar plums, she’s calling the plumber to deal with flooded bathrooms. Then there’s the surly new janitor, who acts like he got coal in his stocking.

But as Cecily scrambles to hire and train new staff in time for the holidays, one of her guests is beyond help. Gerald Evans is found stabbed to death on the beach, and Cecily soon discovers he was a private investigator from London looking into dark doings involving the Pennyfoot. Who among the staff or guests was being pursued, and what secret drove that person to cold-blooded murder?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2015 4.50