Mandala Delights

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Mandala Delights

Mini Pads of Color

A tiny coloring book to tide you over whenever you're in need of a quick coloring fix! This book will slip into your purse easily, and is great for people who have time while on the go to slip in some coloring. With 40 different drawings to choose from the hardest will be deciding which one to color first!

This coloring book uses thin and thick lines as well as black and white spacing to help create different looks for each illustration. The pages are easy to tear out and each page has only one illustration on one side. The paper is thicker and more durable than many coloring books which means they are designed to be shared with others either by giving them away or hanging on your wall!

The designs are varied in intensity and depth of each illustration, so you'll never be bored when coloring this book. And each drawing has an edging that is different than most of the others within this book. I like the look and feel of this book when I carried it around for a week in my purse. The pad is lighter than my box of pencils! As for spacing between the lines, crayons won't work well with some of these pictures as there are lots of tiny spaces and you'll need a thin sharp point to get into some of these areas.

I loved the differing mandalas as some used big spacing while others used only tiny spacing and covered the entire page. Also, this would be an ideal gift for someone who is not sure if coloring is for them. This book is a true treasure. It's the perfect gift for people who love coloring but love variety too. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did.

Book Blurb for Mandala Delights

Get your coloring fix on the go with books from the Mini Pads of Color series!

This uniquely formatted adult coloring book resembles a mini notepad in shape and size, and fits perfectly into a purse, diaper bag, or briefcase. In Mandala Delights, you can dive right into a world full of magical motifs and natural wonders. Gorgeous patterns are just waiting for your unique color palette. Let your imagination loose! All of the titles in the Mini Pads of Color series let you color on the go so you can relax and recharge wherever and whenever you like. Each book features an attractive foil cover, while inside, colorists will find 40 tear-out illustrations. Color each page to your heart’s content, decorate it, and hang them up for everyone to see.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2017 4.50