Lord and Lady Spy

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Lord and Lady Spy

I loved this book! There was action, adventure, mystery/suspense as well as love scenes. I especially loved the detailed outfits each wore, not to mention what the servants wore. Details provide the intrigue of "getting the man." Most scenes are believable (or credible) in terms of historical accuracy, attitudes of the day, or speech. These are the main reasons why I read historical.

However, I have a few bones to pick about this novel. If this a one-off novel, the ending appears to lend itself into another possible novel. I'm all for another round of spies as I like to see all bad guys caught, but there are a few people I want more information about, such as their butler (he seems pretty calm when it comes to receiving company at odd hours or how his mistress is dressed for the evening), or the head of the spy ring organization (even Agent Blue) as they seem to know more than they let on when it comes to the future of Agents Saint and Wolf.

Thus, it appears to me there needs to be a least another book or three dedicated to this ring of spies, and the people who work for them (it wouldn't surprise me if the butler was a retired spy). Last, if the author is going for more books with these characters, than I can understand why so much information was diverted in the end to mention something else, but to keep a reader hanging about first one item, then onto the next where it, too, was mentioned and dropped was poor. This is why I feel if this is a stand-alone book, then the ending needs more explaining. I'm keeping positive, however, that I will see another book with these characters soon.

Book Blurb for Lord and Lady Spy

Lord Adrian and Lady Bridget Smythe have the pictureperfect high society marriage. Little does the ton know that each is one of England's most preeminent spies– with their secret identities guarded even from each other. But what are secret agents to do when the spying game is over and they suddenly discover a whole new spark in each other?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 4.75