In the Kitchen with Rosie : Oprah's Favorite Recipes

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In the Kitchen with Rosie : Oprah's Favorite Recipes

This cookbook ranged from basic recipes to medium-complex recipes. It is mainly for an experienced cook in terms of knowledge of basic terms, types of seasonings, and substitutions. There are boxes and asides on most pages of the book-explaining minutia of recipe details. These boxes and asides were marked in red ink, different shapes of boxes, and different font/sizes. Each recipe has the number of servings and fat/calorie counts listed. The instructions were basic, easy to understand, and somewhat easy to follow. As for trying some of the dishes, I tried the un-fried section and found the ones I tried to be easy to make with only a few exceptions. The pictures were great and enticing.  I found the inclusion of addresses and phone numbers for places to shop for seasonings a help.

However, there were a few items I'd chew on before investing in this book. While there were explanations for a lot of items, some of the basic items (like explaining what a shallot is) were missing. Several times I had to go to the Internet to search for more detailed descriptions (like yams versus sweet potatoes).

Another problem I encountered was the issue of alcohol in the cooking process. There are many of us who cannot have (for various reasons) any form of alcohol in our diet. Yes, it's true a lot of the alcohol is burned off in the process; however, there is enough left behind to prohibit trying these recipes. Thus, I was disappointed not to have the opportunity to try a dish simply because of the alcoholic ingredient. And there were a few other recipes for other ingredients that I wished Rosie had included a substitution list in the back for some of these ingredients. As a final warning, many of the recipes included expensive items like "goat cheese" without discussing the merits of the ingredient outweighing the costs or perhaps offering a substitution in its place.

If there had been a glossary, a substitution list, or even making the effort of trying to meet each consumer's needs in terms of experience, availability of supplies in the area, as well as the pocketbook, my score may have been higher.

Book Blurb for In the Kitchen with Rosie : Oprah's Favorite Recipes

With 50 recipes and 8 pages of full-color photographs by Micheal McLaughlin.


From Oprah Winfrey's personal cook, here are 50 light, low-fat recipes, now in a large print edition, that helped Oprah lose weight and feel great. The original hardcover edition has sold more than 4,700,000 copies to date. Line art and halftones throughout; color inserts.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 3.50