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Dark Protectors–Book 3

If you want to pick up a book in a middle of a serial novel, which you’ve never read any of the preceding ones, then this would be a great pick. Ms. Zanetti makes it very easy for someone to test drive her series by making each book a standalone novel. Yes, there are times when the plot made me itch to also read the other books. However, I was too deeply involved in this story, to go shopping for the rest. But rest assured, I will be reading the rest of her series very soon.

What made this book so welcoming to a “newbie” follower was how this novel was easy to dive into and had the staying power for me to interrupt my activities until I finished. I found it to be very delightful to read from start to finish. There were no problems in wording, names, or paranormal terms. All were explained as I went along. Also, explanations were minimal, so continuing readers could either skip or read without being bored by repeat explanations.

As for what I found: a delightful plot, great action, wonderful love scenes, and vibrant characters. I loved the idea of the eighth sister issue, especially when there is the mention of the eye color matter. Excellent suspense and interesting twists kept me seated next to my air conditioner the whole time. On an aside, I found it amusing that the fireworks inside the book coincided with the Fourth’s fireworks. (This probably won’t be happening for you unless you recorded some fireworks ahead of time.) Happy “Hunting” as this book was a blast from start to finish.

Book Blurb for Hunted

Moira Dunne is a witch - the quantum physics kind. Time and space are her playthings. Which might explain why her one-night stand from a hundred years ago has turned up to "claim" her - and request her family's assistance with the war he's brewing. But the more she learns about Connlan Kayrs, the more she comes to think this is normal behaviour for him...When Conn and Moira tumbled on the moonlit grass, Conn hadn't meant to mark her as his mate for all time. She was only twenty! But it wasn't easy to wait for her. It was even harder to forget her. So when he finally returns for his wicked-hot witch, he's ready to let the sparks fly. Even if he burns up in flames...

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 4.50