Guilty as Cinnamon

Spice Shop Mysteries, #2

Guilty as Cinnamon is an excellent read and is a must-have for traveling. This novel is a thinking mystery with lots of scenes with food (thank goodness reading the recipes in the back doesn't make one fatter!). However, this book made me hungry for food and more of Leslie's books.

Many ingredients aid in making this an outstanding mystery: plausible plot, wonderful characters with plenty of motivations, and is well-paced. This author does her due diligence in terms of searching for good characters and worthy villains.

Spring is here and so is Pepper's Spice Shop near Pike Place Market in Seattle. Pepper is ready for anything as she gears up for the crowds while selling her herbs to various restaurants. It's too bad murder made its way into Peppers' shop as a young up-and-coming chef (Tamara Langston) is murdered with hot ghost chili. And it's possible the deadly instrument came from Pepper's batch of chili peppers.

When it comes to murder and spices, Pepper is the person to see. She feels personally responsible as she knew Tamara, had accidentally gotten her fired, and Tamara bought some hot ghost chili peppers from her. Along the way, Pepper realizes many things about Tamara she never knew, nor the people whom she and Tamara both knew. Sometimes that kind of knowledge can be deadly as Pepper discovers.

This novel is packed with so much knowledge about herbs and behind-the-scene lifestyle of restaurateurs. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel from start to finish. There is another novel prior to this one, so if you enjoy this story (which is great as a standalone), check it out. And if you are interested, Ms. Budewitz has another trilogy out called "The Food Lovers' Village Mysteries." Yum!

Book Blurb for Guilty as Cinnamon

Murder heats up Seattle’s Pike Place Market in the next Spice Shop mystery from the national bestselling author of Assault and Pepper.

Springtime in Seattle’s Pike Place Market means tasty foods and wide-eyed tourists, and Pepper’s Spice Shop is ready for the crowds. With flavorful combinations and a fresh approach, she’s sure to win over the public. Even better, she’s working with several local restaurants as their chief herb and spice supplier. Business is cooking, until one of Pepper’s potential clients, a young chef named Tamara Langston, is found dead, her life extinguished by the dangerously hot ghost chili—a spice Pepper carries in her shop. 

Now stuck in the middle of a heated police investigation, Pepper must use all her senses to find out who wanted to keep Tamara’s new café from opening—before someone else gets burned… 


Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2016 4.00