Frame Up

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Frame Up

This is a great book to read for a relaxing weekend. By this I’m saying it’s a wonderful book to take camping, bathing, waiting in lines, flying, or any place from where you want to escape, even if it’s just for a few hours. Rest assured you can while away those hours in Florida with Fenway Burke going through all sorts of motions (and emotions) as he joins the human race (post-divorce) in searching for answers in a case of a framed “punk” sitting in jail. For Fenway Burke, doing this job as a favor for a friend will entail guns, bullets, and murder up close and personal.

While it sounds like the typical “shoot ‘em up” detective novels, it isn’t; this type of novel is rough, realistic at times, and yields a dry, compassionate heart. The character, Fenway Burke, has been around and is “with it”, so he doesn’t chase suspects, he just calmly calls it in and waits people out. Fenway is extremely patient (unlike his client); in fact, the bomb issue is the only part where “fast” is imperative!

This novel is a gritty story where death, sex, love, and relationships (or lack of) can and is discussed in one paragraph and sometimes accompanies a cold beer too. Very straightforward, deliberate in mannerisms and speech. Characters are crystal clear. Sometimes the good guys can win, but at what cost? What price is so high, one would rather walk away than get to the bottom of the issues. And in this novel, it’s the issues which can slay you. If you’re wondering if you want to read this book, ask yourself if you deserve an escape for a few hours (perhaps more); indulge yourself soon as this book is solid in detection skills and in endings.

Book Blurb for Frame Up

In “Frame Up” the first volume in the Fenway Burke Detective series, we find our hero living on board his floating home in Marblehead, Massachusetts. The Queen Anne’s Revenge is a fifty-eight foot steel hulled sloop that is more than sea worthy but that could use a good coat of paint. She’s birthed with craft in much better shape.

Fenway is living alone and nursing his wounds from his recent divorce. He’s drinks too much and doesn’t seem to know what to do with himself. A childhood friend with a shady background approaches him about clearing a man serving a life sentence for a crime his friend says he didn’t commit.

Against his better judgment Fenway takes the case and soon finds himself in over his head… way over his head.

Almost right from the start Fenway doesn’t like the smell of things and finds out very quickly that his client’s a patsy who’s been framed up to take a fall. But knowing it and proving it are two different things.

As he digs deeper, bodies start to pill up and he finds himself up against sinister forces far beyond his imagining, people with unlimited financial resources and International connections with some of the most violent and ruthless men on the planet. Nothing is as it seems. He’s got to clear an innocent man, find the true culprit and somehow stay in one piece.

And the odds aren’t good…Not good at all.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2012 4.00