Dream Laugh Dance

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Dream Laugh Dance

Pads of Color

With 80 one-sided illustrations, and perforated sheets, this coloring book makes a bold statement in each drawing. There are some black on white drawings, and all of them use or incorporate quotes or phrases to really make the point of dream laugh dance moments. This is a solid coloring book. This book takes on a doodlistic appearance as the lines are less defined in areas and more space in between lines (i.e. bigger coloring areas).

Some of the drawings tend to be busier than others. On a plus side is the fact that this is an uplifting coloring book designed to make positive statements on each page. The paper is thicker and with the perforations, each picture is suitable for hanging on the wall. This makes for a relaxing moment or two in one's hectic life while giving some fun too!

Half of the book has pages with edging around the ends of the paper while others tend to have the picture run off the page. There are more curvy lines then straight edges or corners making it easier to color in the crevices. You will still need some thin sharp coloring pens or pencils as there are tiny spots to fill in on some of the designs. I liked this book for the positive messages that fill each page. Some days you need the extra encouragement and this book nicely fits the bill.

This book is set up like a sketchpad in that it has a hard backing, portable enough to carry from one busy moment to the next, yet at the same time be durable when being used. Each concept is stated and then illustrated within the art of the drawing. If you need something to pick up your mood, then this coloring book is right for you. Enjoy!

Book Blurb for Dream Laugh Dance

Color here, there, or anywhere with this notepad-shaped coloring book!

Take your coloring along wherever you go! This uniquely formatted adult coloring book resembles a notepad in shape and size, and lets you do your coloring at home or on the go. Perfect for those moments when you just need a break or crave a moment of inspiration. In Dream Laugh Dance, you will thoroughly enjoy coloring birds of paradise, beautiful blooms, hearts, and more. Features inspiring quotes such as â??Life is Nowâ? and â??I Can Do This.â? Each book in the Pads of Color series features an attractive foil cover, while inside, there are 80 pages of one-sided illustrations, so there is no ink bleeding through and ruining your next design. Each completed piece makes a wonderful gift.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2017 3.50