Distant Thunders

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Distant Thunders

Destroyermen, Book 4

This was a good book. I enjoyed it tremendously. What made it good are (of course) the little things. When I opened the book, the first few pages have detailed diagrams of ships which were helpful when it came to the text within the storyline. The next thing I noticed was how fully developed the descriptions were of WWI or WWII machineries as well as the language used (in context of those times). The language is the same as today's but the differences appear in the minute terminology. I felt at times like I was talking to my grandparents (they used those phrases which were specifically derived back then)! And these were not stilted inserted words either.

Also, the context is more military than science fiction/fantasy oriented. Keeping this in mind, if you love military-minded books, then you should give this series a whirl. I have some experiences with the Mech Warrior and Tek War series, and if you like either of those series and are missing a more military-style of sci-fi series, then give this series some serious consideration as this book was well done. I also loved the character development as one progresses through the storyline.

There were a few barriers, which might impede a reader from fully enjoying this book (perhaps the series). The first one (which is my bad) is picking up a book in the middle of the series and expecting to get a full appreciation of it on the first run. With this series I encourage you to read the other books first, so you can get the full impact. It is worth it. As I mentioned earlier, this writer gives a greater depth of knowledge of WWI/WWII lingo as well as military styles/thinking beyond just the conventional standards. If a reader is unaware of a word (a bit of doggerel, etc.), weapon, or even the difference between mustard and chlorine gas warfare, please do a bit of research as this will add to your lexicon and aid in making this book memorably standout in the manner that it should.

Book Blurb for Distant Thunders

The fourth thrilling adventure in the Destroyermen series.

After the battle in which the men of the destroyer Walker and their Lemurian allies repelled the savage Grik, Lieutenant Commander Matthew Reddy is shocked by the arrival of a strange ship captained by one Commodore Jenks of the New Britain Imperial Navy-an island-nation populated by the descendants of British East Indiamen swept through the rift centuries before.

With the Walker undergoing repairs, Reddy already has a great deal on his hands. For the Grik will return, and Reddy will need all hands on deck to fight them off when they next attack. But Jenks' uncertain loyalties make Reddy question whether he can trust the man.

As tension between the Allies and the Imperials mount, Reddy will come to realize that his suspicions are not misplaced-and that a greater danger than the Grik is closer than he ever suspected...

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2010 4.50