Death, Taxes, and Cheap Sunglasses

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Death, Taxes, and Cheap Sunglasses

A Tara Holloway Novel, #8

Outrageously funny! If this is how our tax dollars work, sign me up! Once again Ms. Kelly is witty, wacky, and wildly hilarious. When Tara Holloway's on the job, tax dodgers beware. This is a well-written novel and is definitely a novel to while away hours like on an airplane or even by the pool. Many cute moments with some flashy footwork and some power action all aid in creating a wonderful story from beginning to end.

After Tara Holloway was cleared of her excessive use of force charge, she and Nick Pratt (coworker and boyfriend) are far apart as Nick is going undercover with the DEA to get a drug cartel. So while Nick's away, Tara has a few adventures with a few other agents to occupy her time. There's the museum that may or may not be a nonprofit or a museum. Then there's the time she and Josh and his girlfriend go to a frat party (a togo party) to catch someone getting rich by cheating people via the Internet.

If those adventures weren't bad, Tara takes her dad out on a hunt for a lion that is from a nonprofit animal rescue next door. Talk about bagging your quota! Along the way she receives text messages from Nick's burner phone to help keep those moments of loneliness at bay. She also takes Nick's spot on the softball team. All in all, Tara had a busy spring, especially killing off all those cheap sunglasses.

This is a well-developed story. All the ends are neatly tied up, and one ponders what will Tara do next. Ms. Kelly provides readers with little time from one adventure to the next. So, keep a block of time available as you might find it necessary to turn every page in the book before putting it down.

Book Blurb for Death, Taxes, and Cheap Sunglasses

SHE LOVES HER WORK—CASE CLOSED.IRS Special Agent Tara Holloway can calculate tax penalties to the penny. But seeing the world of white-collar crime through rose-colored glasses? Priceless.Tara’s career comes with a lot of pros and cons—which is a nice way of saying that she’s kick-a$$ in her fight against professional con-artists. And she’s tough enough to deal with all the money-launderers, tax-evaders, and other such criminals who cross her path…Until her own boyfriend, Nick, joins their leagues. Now all bets are off.Nick is about to go deep undercover—and the stakes are higher than Tara could have ever imagined. It’s all part of a joint task force with the DEA to bring down a powerful, violent drug cartel. It’s going to take more than a pair of dime store shades for Tara to bring their dark deeds to light. Can she help Nick without blowing his cover…and ending up in harm’s way herself?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2015 5.00