Dead Float

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Dead Float

A Cal Claxton Oregon Mystery, #2

Don’t pass up a chance to read Dead Float by Warren C. Easley. Not only is the locale easy on the eye, but so is the plot! Mr. Easley makes murder seem so effortless in this Cal Claxton mystery. The plot is well-drafted and the scenarios fully developed making this novel a page turner.

From the beginning Cal explains his family life as his daughter, Claire, is in Darfur to help dig wells for drinking water, and she’s three days late calling in with her Dad. Then, Cal goes on a fishing trip as a guide where he discovers a couple from his past: last year he met them, had a brief affair with Alexis before discovering she was married and broke things off. Now, they and some of their executives are with Cal and Lone Deer (head guide and good friend) are taking a Deschutes River guided fishing trip to iron out their differences.

So, after their first day fishing, they’re on the banks sleeping their first night out near train tracks; it’s the last night for Hal Bruckner, CEO. There are plenty of suspects with Cal Claxton at the top of the list.

Many questions arise with each turning page. There a plenty of issues, just like fish, but Mr. Easley is well equipped to deal with each situation. Loved the locale, and the humor was well drafted. It will be interesting to see what develops in his next novel. This is the second Cal Claxton mystery, so I’m planning on reading his first novel as I want to be prepared for the next one.

Book Blurb for Dead Float

If you are a fly fisherman, it doesn’t get any better than the salmon fly hatch on the Deschutes River, Oregon’s legendary trout fishing venue. Cal Claxton–a small town lawyer who works to fish–has to pinch himself when his best friend and fishing guide, Philip Lone Deer, asks him to help guide an upcoming trip with a group of executives from a high tech firm in Portland. But the trip through the remote Deschutes River Canyon turns ugly when a member of the fishing party turns up murdered. Everyone in the party is a suspect, including Cal himself. Does the fact that the company’s value is about to explode play into the crime? And what about the freight line running along the river. Does Philip’s theory that the killer came and left on a train hold water? Cal better come up with answers because he’s suspect number one…

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2014 4.00