Cinderella Six Feet Under

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Cinderella Six Feet Under

A Fairy Tale Fatal Mystery, #2

This is not a variation of the Cinderella story you once knew so well. Ms. Chance once again takes a fairy tale and combines parts of the story into mayhem and murder. Her characters are intense, there is humor to balance the plot of evildoing along the way, and the intricacies and motivations aid in the aura of perversion in this twisted tale.

Miss Ophelia Flax has a plan to facilitate a mother-daughter meeting for her friend Prue and her mother, Henrietta. Henrietta is a supposedly wealthy woman having married a French Marquis. Sadly, Miss Ophelia and Prue arrive to find a moldy, mouse-infested mansion and discover Henrietta is missing, but no one in her new family is looking for her. What's worse, a woman's body (decked out in a ball gown and missing a glass slipper) was discovered in the pumpkin patch.

Now, it's up to Miss O. to get down to the bottom of the murder and the missing Henrietta. In the meantime, Prue is busy learning how to tend to a kitchen. Her stepsisters and stepfather go about their business of not caring about the identity of the dead woman and even worse, are not concerned about what happened to Henrietta. Along the way, Ophelia meets again her mysterious dashing scholar, Professor Gabriel Penrose. Together they do their best to get to the bottom of what exactly is happened to Cinderella and Henrietta.

Ms. Chance takes a simple fairy tale and creates chaos and murder out of it. Seldom has this reader seen such a twisted take on Cinderella, but it is well worth the chaos to discover the answer to the bigger picture: when will Miss O. and her professor realize their best work is done when they are together? This question remains unanswered, but all else is not. If you're wondering when the next book is coming out, have no fear, "Beauty, Beast & Belladonna" is coming in February 2016.

Book Blurb for Cinderella Six Feet Under

This Cinderella goes from ashes to ashes in the new Victorian-era Fairy Tale Fatal Mystery by the author of Snow White Red-Handed . . .

Variety hall actress Ophelia Flax’s plan to reunite her friend Prue with her estranged—and allegedly wealthy—mother, Henrietta, is met with a grim surprise. Not only is the marquise’s Paris mansion a mouse-infested ruin, but Henrietta has inexplicably vanished, leaving behind an evasive husband, two sinister stepsisters, and a bullet-riddled corpse in the pumpkin patch decked out in a ball gown and one glass slipper—a corpse that also happens to be a dead ringer for Prue. 

Strangely, no one at 15 rue Garenne seems concerned about who plugged this luckless Cinderella or why, so the investigation is left to Ophelia and Prue. It takes them through the labyrinthine maze of the Paris Opera, down the trail of a legendary fairy tale relic, into the confidence of a wily prince charmless, and makes them vulnerable to the secrets of a mysterious couturière with designs of her own on Prue’s ever-twisting family history.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2015 3.50