Broken Hero

Jonathan Woods provides another hilarious tale of woe in the life of MI37 secret agent Arthur Wallace. A truly delightful story Broken Hero will have you rooting for the robots, some or all, at times. Nowhere near serious is how the newest member of Arthur's team is equipped to handle her new lot in life with MI37. Woods pulls no punches (especially where Arthur is concerned) about the deadly lot of a secret agent's double life can be so complicated.

Not content to have a relationship with his supervisor, Arthur is now stuck acquainting an MI6 secret agent to the murkier side of MI37 and the quarks just keep coming! His girlfriend/supervisor insists he train the newbie on MI37. It starts with a bounding experience for the group in a bar which blows up out of proportions. If that wasn't bad enough, there are now giant Nazi robots trying to take over the world, or are they? With these robots, survival of the fittest is how they believe in Darwinism. All they want from Arthur is some help to fix these once majestic robots from another time.

Unfortunately, some of the robots have given up and gone mad trying to take over the world/universe and it is up to the team to provide aid and comfort to some side of this wise-acre tale of hardship and woes in Arthur's life. The real question isn't whether or not the universe will destruct, it's more like what part of Arthur's personal life is going to blow first. And that's just for starters!

Great imagination and an arsenal of wit keep this story from getting boring or full of pity and woe. There's just too much stuff to do for Arthur, let alone a reader, to sit down too long feeling sorry for one's self. Such descriptive passages and details in how the robots look/act; but it's the special little touches (like the butterfly wing maps or hidden underground passages, etc.) that make this story a stellar work of art!

Book Blurb for Broken Hero

How’s a secret agent meant to catch a break? If it’s not a demi-god going through puberty, it’s a renegade Nazi clockwork army going senile. Or a death cult in Nepal. Or a battery-chewing wizard’s relationship problems. Arthur Wallace, agent of MI37—Britain’s agency for dealing with the supernatural, the extraterrestrial, and the generally odd—has to pull everything together, and he has to do it before a magical bomb tears reality apart…

Night Owl Reviews May, 2016 4.50