Aunt Dimity and the Family Tree

I loved this book! If you want something lighthearted with a mystery and romance angle, this book is for you! It was detailed, but I never felt bogged down with descriptions. In fact, it reminded me of English stories written by English authors back decades ago. I could see the chintz armchair in my mind. As for the village characters, loved them. I grew up in a tiny town, out in the middle of nowhere, so this village brought back a lot of memories for me. As for the "Handmaidens," believe me when I say every tiny place has a gaggle of people like them. I laughed so much about Peggy (doesn't everyone know someone like her?), I'd have to set the book down for a few minutes.

As for the mystery, romance, and adventure (sometimes having to outwit people, so you can accomplish your task unhampered IS the adventure), Ms. Atherton has all this and more in this novel. I admit to never having read any of Ms. Atherton's books, but I plan to read her other books soon. Everyone should read this book, as it is lighthearted, full of imperfect people and how to counteract those imperfections, and how it truly takes a village to raise a romance.

My main concern in this novel: time; make some time available for this novel as you won't want to put this book down once you get started.

Book Blurb for Aunt Dimity and the Family Tree

Cozy lovers' favorite otherworldly detective cracks a classic country-house case.

In Atherton's sixteenth mystery, Lori Shepherd returns from Down Under to her normal life in the village of Finch. But Lori's normal quickly becomes anything but.

Her debonair father-in-law has moved to town and is renovating Fairworth House, a grand estate nearby. William Sr. expects a quiet, small-town life, but among the spinsters vying for his attention, shifty servants, and the discovery of a mysterious painting of a family tree in Fairworth's attic, he discovers that life in Finch is anything but quiet. On top of it all, Lori and William are embroiled in a case of deception and false identity by one of Finch's own. It's nothing the plucky Lori can't handle, but once things get truly peculiar at Fairworth-moving furniture, strange sounds, and mysterious visitors-she calls on Aunt Dimity for her otherworldly guidance and uncovers the shadowy past beneath the estate's magnificent surface.

Nancy Atherton's titles continue to delight fans who eagerly anticipate each new book. Her latest will draw cheers and bring new readers to this charming series.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 5.00