A Season of Spells

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A Season of Spells

A Noctis Magicae Novel, #3

I enjoyed this book. It has magic, mystery, mayhem and escaped prisoners all in a bundle. This is sure to keep you glued to the novel, but only if you don't mind historical settings. The setting is very much into respectability and manners, so be aware of this when reading this novel as it will feel constrained at times, which is exactly what the author intended. Any other book would not be able to successfully pull those feelings of constraint or even freedom to the extent the reader will feel it too. But Ms. Hunter is able to successfully pull it off. This novel is part of a series, but it can stand alone as well.

It starts when Sophie and Gray go back to London with an heiress, Lucia MacNeill, who is going to meet her betrothed: the prince. Sadly sparks don't appear to fly for Lucia and Prince Roland. But they do take a stroll through a maze garden where they can hear the trees talking. But Roland goes into magical shock, so Lucia huddles next to him for hours until help arrives. Her behavior is shocking even when she stays the night in his bedroom to help him sleep while chaperoned. But even she is not as shocking as Sophie.

Sophie wants to reopen the defunct Lady Morgan College in Oxford: a college for women. This is so revolutionary that scholars lined up to sign a protest letter sent to her to explain how and why women cannot go to college. But Sophie cannot resist looking into it and figuring out how to reopen it as well as find the escaped prisoners who vanished the same time Sophie arrived in London.

I had fun with this novel. One of the best novels I've recently read. Ms. Hunter does an excellent job weaving a tale at the same time as she spellbinds the reader. While this is in a series, this novel is fine as a standalone. I look forward to reading more of her works in the future.

Book Blurb for A Season of Spells

In the latest novel from the author of Lady of Magick, Sophie and Gray Marshall must save the Kingdom of Britain from a tide of dark magic...

Three years after taking up residence at the University of Din Edin, Sophie and Gray return to London, escorting Lucia MacNeill, heiress of Alba, to meet the British prince to whom she is betrothed. Alas, sparks fail to fly between the pragmatic Lucia and the romantic Prince Roland, and the marriage alliance seems to be on shaky ground.

Sophie tries to spark a connection between Roland and Lucia by enlisting them both in her latest scheme: reopening the mysterious and long-shuttered women’s college at Oxford. Though a vocal contingent believes that educating women spells ruin, Sophie and her friends dream of rebuilding the college for a new generation of women scholars.

But the future of the college—and of the kingdom—are imperiled when the men who tried to poison King Henry escape from prison and vanish without a trace. Sophie and Gray will need all their strength and ingenuity—and the help of friends both present and long past—to thwart the enemy at Britain’s gates.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2017 4.00