A Seamless Murder

A Magical Dressmaking Mystery

Aprons off to an intriguing novel from start to finish! Ms. Bourbon does an excellent job keeping a series together while sewing a murder into place. Melissa creates a murder the way some people sew. In A Seamless Murder Ms. Bourbon inserts magic mostly as a way of keeping love in the air. The theme for this novel is piecing a murder the way one person would create an apron.

This series (created by Melissa Bourbon) utilizes sewing, family, community, magic and love (to name a few common threads) to create a wonderful murder mystery filled with romance. This story dealt with the murder of a nearby neighbor, a traveling dinner party, and aprons. Harlow Jane Cassidy creates wonderful, handmade clothing deigned to grant the possessor their deepest desires. This time it is Delta Lee Mobley, a next door neighbor, who requests Harlow’s help in making seven aprons for the Red Hat Society ladies who are hosting a traveling dinner party.

Harlow was able to create Delta's apron first, which was great as Delta was able to wear it just before she died. Harlow feels a sense of responsibility in finding the murderer as she lives next door to Delta and her mother. There are many plot twists and revelations as Harlow goes around the town collecting information (unobtrusively) all the while creating the rest of the aprons.

A Seamless Murder is the sixth wonderful, lighthearted novel in this series is consistent in the main characters and plots. The novels indicate in their titles items associated with sewing and Ms. Bourbon does a good job tailoring each novel with a different aspect and emphasizing it for each plot. Enjoy!

Book Blurb for A Seamless Murder

With a needle and thread, Harlow Jane Cassidy is capable of magic. Her neighbors in Bliss, Texas, on the other hand, are capable of murder....

Any garment Harlow stitches together has the power to grant the deepest desire of whomever wears it. So when she’s asked to sew aprons for a local women’s group, Harlow must get to know each member. First up is Delta Lee Mobley, who doesn’t care much for Harlow’s family?or anyone else in Bliss, for that matter. Granting Delta’s greatest wish could only lead to trouble....

But trouble finds Delta all the same. The day after Harlow delivers her apron, Delta’s body is discovered in the cemetery. It seems one of the townsfolk harbored ill will toward one of their own. Harlow’s sleuthing skills are a cut above the rest, and with a few magical tricks up her sleeve, she is determined to cuff this killer once and for all.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2015 4.00