Deja Vu

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Deja Vu

DejaVu is a story that revolves around Alexandra “Lexi” Caldwell who is smart, sexy and psychic. Lexi only recently embraced her psychic abilities but has yet to learned to control or understand the images she receives. She has been hired by an author, who is reclusive, to do some research for his latest book. The job is to research a thirty-year-old disappearance of a newspaper tycoon and his wife. The place is Skull Island, which is where the disappearances occurred. It is totally secluded and was previously owned by the missing couple. Upon arrival she meets the current owner, Gable Talbot, and sparks immediately fly as they both try and fight their attraction for each other. Lexi ends up discovering more mysteries than the missing couple and doesn’t know who she can trust.

DejaVu was a nice quick easy read.  Well written with a smooth flow to it. The story line didn’t hold many surprises, but did have one or two twists that got my attention. I was hoping that there would have been more sparks and fireworks, but over all rated well.

Book Blurb for Deja Vu

When Alexandra Caldwell is hired by a reclusive author to research the thirty-year-old disappearance of a big name newspaper tycoon and his wife, she wasn't sure what she would discover. As she embarks on this project, she finds herself in the middle of a series of frightening events and an unexpected attraction to Gable Talbot, the current owner of Skull Island where the disappearances occurred...a man with a magnetic sex appeal and a past as mysterious as the case she's researching. Will she be able to do the job she was hired for, or has she stumbled too close to the truth?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2010 3.25