Capturing Karma

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Capturing Karma

The Sullivan Boys, Book Three

Capturing Karma is the third book in the series and I was pleased that this book can be read as a stand alone (however I will be going back to read the first two). Brian Sullivan is a police detective who is renowned as the good looking lucky bachelor. Matilda (Matty) Connors is a trained veterinarian who has visions which she calls “truths”, which have never been wrong, and has worked in the past in assisting the police solves crimes.

Brian and Matty literally collide after she receives a truth from Jake, a local missing boy. They work together to solve the mystery while Brian has to learn to trust her visions and Matty has to learn to live with her tragic past. Together they make sparks fly and tell a wonderful story.

This mystery romance is a great read and I’d recommend it to anyone. The writing is fresh, lively and smooth flowing. Daughters created a fantastic read and I am looking forward to read other works by this author!

Book Blurb for Capturing Karma

Romantic Suspense Crimson Rosebud
Rating: Spicy
Page Count: 198

Veterinarian Matty Connors’ visions lead her to homicide detective Brian Sullivan once again despite her resolve to remain anonymous the past four years. Her official work with the police in California resulted in the brutal murder of her fiancé, and since, a recurrent nightmare she barely survives. Brian, the reputed ladies man of the Sullivan family, has yet to give his heart to a woman until Matty lays claim to it. His black-and-white approach to solving crimes doesn’t jibe with Matty’s spooky pronouncements or her reputation for alleged infallibility. A wild goose chase searching for a murder weapon casts doubt on Matty’s “truths” and threatens their smoldering romance. Is Brian her nightmare slayer and ultimate truth? When the puzzle pieces fall in place for Brian, will it be too late to save Matty?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2010 4.50