The Queen's Wings

The Emerging Queens

For me The Queen's Wings was was just an OK read. I didn’t love it, but it was not one of the worst books I have read. I found it hard to enjoy the writing style of the author. I just didn’t feel that connected to the characters and I thought the book jumped around a bit too much.

There was absolutely no romantic buildup between the two main characters. And there was no real chemistry. I think that is where the author missed her mark in this book. Because there could have been so much more and that would have made the book great. The actual storyline and the plot were really good.

Reed while being a hot dragon shifter had no personality at all. Carolyn was a bit better and easier to relate to, but in the end I thought she had more chemistry with some of the secondary characters than with Reed. The sex scenes were good but without that spark they weren’t great. The ending was a bit surprising, but not completely unpredictable.

The Author could have done so much more with this story. She could have really expanded on the two main characters and their feelings for each other. It thought that that this story lacked depth and there was no passion. There is a great storyline here though and that is it’s only saving grace. I’m not sure if I would read the second in this series at this point.

Book Blurb for The Queen's Wings

Long ago, the Cult of Humanity sacrificed the Dragon Queen, crippling the breeding process.  But now Carolyn hears the voice of that long dead queen telling her that she holds the key to breaking the spell that will free all the female dragons.

FBI dragon Reed's disdain for humans can't mask the magnetic attraction he has for Carolyn, but when she tells him she's going to shift into a dragon he thinks she's crazy. A female hasn't been hatched, or shape shifted, in over a thousand years.

He's proven wrong after Carolyn shifts and is named the new Queen on the block. A never-ending line of suitors forms, but she only wants Reed. Too bad he doesn't want in on the competition. But when the Cult kidnaps Carolyn to sacrifice her in an effort to make the curse against the female dragons permanent, Reed must face his fears—and feelings, racing to save the woman he realizes he can't live without.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2014 3.00