Shadows of Night

Immortal Embrace, Book Two

Fantastic Read! Shadows of Night is the second book in the Immortal Embrace series and I must say that I really enjoyed reading it. This 2nd book in the series was riveting and I must admit I had a hard time putting it down! The book was graphic, romantic and very erotic. If you enjoy a good love story with romance some good kinky vampire sex then this is definitely a book you need to read.

Christian Vos was one sexy and hot alpha vampire! He had very enduring characteristics; he was protective, caring, attentive and very possessive (but aren’t most Vampires?). He has sex appeal and a charismatic and larger than life personality, but also had his own issues from the past to deal with.

Emma was a very head strong and independent female. She absolutely doesn’t like being told what to do. Her character had an interesting twist to it that made her story quite unique, I won’t give any spoilers away though. She has also had a hard life growing up, hating all vampires for what she perceives as a very good reason. That is until she met Christian.

She came to Christian as his new personal assistant as an undercover operative trying to get dirt on Vampires. Instead she falls for the handsome and sexy Christian. The chemistry was off the charts with these two right from the first moment they met, the fireworks were going off right from the beginning and just got hotter and hotter throughout the whole book. The sex scenes were fantastic and let’s just say that these vamps don’t prefer neck biting! I’ll let you use your imagination!

This book had it all, a hero, a heroine, and of course a nasty old evil Vampire Villain. Lots of action and I loved that you got to know some of the other characters from the first book a bit better. This could probably be read as a standalone story but to appreciate the book I would recommend reading the first book in this series first. The writing was almost flawless. The characters emotions were intense, this series has the right amount of romantic build-up, heat and suspense, and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading both the first and now the second book in this series and hope that you do too. I would absolutely recommend this book to those who love vampire/paranormal romance.

Book Blurb for Shadows of Night

Christian Voss’ immortal existence becomes a little less boring the second he meets his new assistant, Emma Hayes. Her fiery personality and raw sex appeal bring out his every carnal instinct, their chemistry charged and volatile. Christian enjoys the challenge, feeling alive for the first time in centuries. Sex with Emma is a drug he can’t resist, and he’s not about to give her up.

Emma is no easy conquest. She fights him at every turn, frightened by the growing desires threatening her will. Her reservations are fueled by guilt over the loss of her family, and Christian vows to help her find the vampire responsible. But when secrets from her past come to light, the truth may be more than a mere mortal can bear.

When two worlds collide, the resulting conflagration of passion, pain and revenge will leave Christian and Emma changed forever.

Inside Scoop: Necks are so passé. These provocative vamps sometimes like to drink from more…intimate body parts.

A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2014 4.50