Ever Mine

Dragon Lore

I was expecting more from Ever Mine. For me it was an OK read. I was left with the feeling that I missed a part of the story. It didn’t feel complete to me.

I have read Ms. Ashe’s book “The Dragons Heart” from the Dragon Lore series and I loved it, but this book just does not compare at all. I thought it felt rushed in some parts. When I finished reading this book I was left with the feeling of "that's it?" The story line itself was really good, it was just lacking in depth.

I did love the characters though and they seemed to have strong sexual chemistry between each other. The main character Nathan is a sexy businessman with a very interesting family, one who sends him presents disguised in plants.

Katenia is a fairy and her character is quite interesting and intriguing, but her actions sometimes were a little confusing as they related to her character. Both Nathan and Katenia feel the need to protect each other and some of the scenes between them are quite funny and very cute. The sex between the two is pretty spectacular as well, lots of heat and tender moments are shared between the two of them. I wish the author would have given us more of a glimpse of Katenia’s fairy world and more of a backstory there as well as a bit more history on Nathan and his very strange family.

If you are looking for a cute and sweet romantic love story with some humor and good intimate sex scenes then this is a good book to pick up. It is was a really easy read. I still think that it could have been more engaging. There was such a great story to expand on here and it just never happened. The story building was just not what it could have been. This book had the potential to be so much more alluring and enchanting. It had an HEA and it did keep you interested in what was going to happen with the characters and the story next. I still recommend the book, especially if you are looking for a light afternoon read.

Book Blurb for Ever Mine

Can a kidnapped fairy and a human find love despite all odds?

Nathan Alexander’s batty aunt has done it again. This time she’s sent him a rare plant he doesn’t want. Imagine his surprise when he finds a kidnapped fairy hidden within its leaves. As a man who heads a non-profit organization for abused women and children, Nathan makes it his mission to help her find her way home.

All her life Katenia was warned about the evilness of humans. Never was that proved more true than when she was kidnapped from her quiet valley home. Thrust into the human world, Katenia must fight her very instincts to trust Nathan if she ever hopes to return to her rightful place…and to her normal thumb-sized fairy form.

But with their lives in danger, finding home…and love…will be a journey worthy of a fairy tale.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2014 3.50