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High school senior, Elizabeth Carrington always thought that something or someone had reached out to her in the hospital room, the night her mother died. It was almost as if she was being surrounded by comfort and solace. She never forgot that moment and thought back on it often as she began to establish a new life for herself in League City, Texas with her father.

Michael, the angel assigned to bring Elizabeth's mother over to Heaven, is so touched by Elizabeth's grief that he reaches out to comfort her. He is puzzled over the way that this young woman seems to affect him; after all, he has taken many people over to Heaven, and seen many grieving family members. No one has ever affected him like Elizabeth has.

Michael cannot seem to stay away from Elizabeth and follows her in spirit in order to remain close to her. Eventually, Michael takes human form and befriends Elizabeth outright. Friendship soon blossoms into something more personal and tender, and they fall in love. The road to happiness is not an easy one though, and they must face a few obstacles. The first and most obvious obstacle is the issue of Michael's immortality and Elizabeth's mortality. There is also the matter of Daniel, a hunky fallen angel with a vendetta, who is out to hurt Michael, even if he has to use Elizabeth to do it.

This was a wonderful romantic story about a teenage girl who falls in love with the angel who is watching over her. The theme of good versus evil in this story is an old tried and true one, but it is executed with finesse by the authors, who add twists and turns keeping the story engrossing and fresh.

The characters are well developed and Elizabeth is courageous as well as funny and exasperating at times. Many of her actions drive home the point that she is only a human teenage after all, further highlighting differences between her and Michael. Michael, while appearing pretty much perfect (he is an angel after all!), also shows flaws in his character. These flaws show us that even though he is a celestial being, he is actually far from perfect. He can get jealous, angry or afraid at times just like the next guy. The chemistry between the two is wonderful. They seem to balance each other out perfectly, and together, they are an unbeatable team, creating an atmosphere of love and peace that is all their own.

I really, really enjoyed this book and hated when I got to the last page. I wished the story could have kept going. It is definitely a keeper for all fans of young adult paranormal romance. I know it has earned a permanent home on my eBook reader. So, if you are into stories about tough heroines and hunky angels, both good and bad, then this book should definitely be the top contender for your next read.

Book Blurb for Sinful

After the death of her mother, seventeen-year-old Elizabeth Carrington is starting over. In a new city, at a new school, and with a dad she hardly knows, it isn’t going to be easy. Trying desperately to find her way and cope with her unceasing grief, she finds herself surrounded by a force so compelling, so comforting, so captivating that she can’t deny its presence and soon fears that if it were to leave her, she might lose her very self. But is it all really happening or has her wavering sanity finally found its breaking point?

Michael’s role in this world has been the same for centuries, but now something is different. He is inexplicably drawn to an intriguing stranger so alluring that he can’t force himself to resist her. Is he willing to risk everything to be with her, even falling?

A dark force, hell bent on destroying any chance of happiness for his arch nemesis Michael, is lurking in League City, TX, and there is no limit to his need for vengeance. How far will he go to seek revenge for his sworn enemy’s betrayal?

Caught in a clash of good versus evil, Elizabeth soon finds herself in the crosshairs of a battle that has been brewing since long before she was even born. 

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2010 4.75