On Cherry Hill

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On Cherry Hill

There is nothing worse than being powerless to help yourself in an instance of sheer terror and fear. This is the situation that a young woman finds herself in, when she is pulled over in a traffic stop on a deserted road, late at night. The officer goes from a genial explanation of her busted headlight to ordering her into a position of submission on her knees before him. The next moments are filled with the woman's sheer terror of being violated. After the officer has finished with his act of brutality, he simply leaves her there with a citation in her hand and a wave. Experiencing a myriad of emotions, the young woman must now decide if she should tell her husband what happened and let the authorities know. After all, other women should be warned about what can happen on Cherry Hill.

On Cherry HIll, is a very fast-paced short-story about the victimization of a young woman on a lonely road by herself in the middle of the night. The very scenario that Ms. Kitt creates for her story is enough to bring out the goose bumps on a person's arms. Without giving anything away, you are taken on a roller coaster of emotions along with the young woman and then left with chills at the end of the story, which has a bit of a paranormal twist. Stories involving rape, tend to make me very uncomfortable, but the suspense and eerie quality of On Cherry Hill is enough to keep you on the edge of your seat. It is definitely a page turner. If you are looking for your next quick read and suspense and paranormal are your favorite genres, then On Cherry Hill may be what you are looking for.

Book Blurb for On Cherry Hill

Midwife Anne gets pulled over in the middle of the night on Cherry Hill Road. She's on her way to a birth, but her urgency doesn't sway the unsympathetic officer. When the cop discovers something suspicious on Anne's driving record and insists she get out of the car, she knows she's in real trouble. When he cuffs her and bends her over the hood, things go beyond trouble.

But the surprising outcome of this tale gives both Anne and the reader a jolt they never could have anticipated.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2010 3.25