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Is it wrong to role play being someone else when you make love to your significant other? Cynthia Crenshaw and her husband do this very thing quite frequently. Even though she and her husband, Tony have been married for several years already, they keep things spiced up by pushing any and all inhibitions they have right out the window. The only rule is that anything goes. This makes for some pretty adventurous sex.

Their latest sexual escapade happens at a train station where Cynthia is waiting for a train that has been delayed. She realizes she will be waiting in the stifling, hot station all night. Just as she has resigned herself to the long wait in walks an extremely hunky cowboy. He introduces himself as Rod Hardfelt. Cynthia takes one look into Rod’s eyes and sees her mischievous husband looking back at her. Realizing the game has commenced, she plays along. For this adventure, Cynthia calls herself Cinnamon, Cin for short.

After the train station manager closes up for the night, Rod and Cin find themselves alone in a very public, but empty train station. They are ready to unleash their imaginations and let the wild adventure begin. The temperature in the train station is fixing to get kicked up a notch.

Cinnamon is a quick read that is extremely hot and erotic. Cherie Denis gets her short story off to a steamy start with Cynthia and her hubby Tony, and never slows down the pace. It is definitely a wild ride.

The story is not all about the physical though. You are constantly given insight as to how crazy they are for each other. It is not just sexual relationship you witness, but a very tender one between two very compatible people in love. Ms. Denis created the perfect blend of naughty and nice in her characters to make this story a success. I really enjoyed reading story and would recommend it in a heartbeat to anyone looking for a sizzling, romantic short story. That being said, if you are in the mood for a quick dose of sexual combustion, pick up Cinnamon and give it a whirl.

Book Blurb for Cinnamon

[Siren Classic: Contemporary Role-Playing Romance]

Cynthia and Tony Crenshaw enjoy adding a little spice to their sex life. An empty Montana train station and a hot summer night hardly seem likely to feature in a sexual fantasy, but it does.

After a visit with her elderly grandmother, Cynthia is taking the train to meet Tony when a rock slide leaves her stranded in the station. She is shocked when her gorgeous husband enters and introduces himself as Rod Hardfelt. A delighted Cynthia quickly falls into Tony's fantasy and
becomes Cinnamon.

After the stationmaster leaves for the night, it isn't long before Rod has Cinnamon nude and begging for satisfaction. They spend the night steaming up the station in pursuit of sexual perfection.

Morning finds Cinnamon alone, but achingly happy. Eventually the train arrives and Tony is waiting in the sleeper car wearing his Stetson and a smile.

A Siren Erotic Romance 

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2010 4.00