Always and Forever

Sometimes love pops up when you least expect it. Emma, a recent divorcee, has just hit the club scene to celebrate landing a new job. The job is nothing great, but it is a big step towards independence and supporting herself and her seven year-old son. Her ex-husband really did a number on her, and Emma doesn’t know if she can ever trust a man again. Enter Ben, a handsome, charming bouncer at the club that she has gone to. Ben feels a connection to Emma as soon as he lays eyes on her and wastes no time in letting her know how interested he is in her. Emma can’t explain it, but she feels drawn to him as well, but is a little too gun shy to do anything about it. Luckily for her, Ben is not about to wait for grass to grow under his feet before he begins to pursue her. Soon, a dance turns into breakfast after closing the club, and a date the following night. Both Emma and Ben are hard-pressed to keep their hands off of each other and their attraction continues to grow like unabated wildfire. Is it even possible to find true love after just two days of getting to know each other? Ben and Emma are giving a great impression of having done just that.

I thought the author did a wonderful job of capturing the old adage, “Love at first sight”. Emma was definitely someone your heart would reach out to and want to succeed in life and love. Ben on the other hand, was everything a woman could wish for. He almost seemed too good to be true. He was so sure of his feelings and wanted to be everything for this woman and child that he had just met. That leads me to my only reservation with this story.

In my mind, I found it just a little hard to swallow that these two people could possibly be so sure of their feelings, and Ben would even consider wanting a serious relationship with a woman and her seven year-old boy after just two days. I guess this is just my skepticism overruling my sense of romance. Even with that being said, you would have to be made of stone not to be touched by the tender feelings that exist between these two characters, and who is to say that love cannot happen in such a short span of time?

The intimate moments between Ben and Emma are very touching and the feelings of love radiate from the words on the pages. The author handles intimate scenes extremely well and succeeds in doing this without the use of overly graphic descriptions. Everything is told in just the right way.

I would have to say that as a short story, I enjoyed ALWAYS AND FOREVER. It was a very romantic account of two people who find true love in a very short span of time. I recommend this book to all lovers of short romantic stories and happy endings. So, if you find yourself wanting to spend an afternoon reading a story that will make you feel good, pick this one up.

Book Blurb for Always and Forever

Emma Baker’s husband, Jonathan, has just divorced her, shattered her heart and left her and her young son, Christopher, to fend for themselves. Bitterly lonely, she accepts a girlfriend’s suggestion to go out on her first night as a newly free woman. She vows not to let a man turn her head, vows not to let love make a fool of her again. But she never counted on meeting a charismatic and sexy bouncer like Ben Lauery, who takes her for an exciting ride on his Harley, sweeps her off her feet and steals her heart. She never counted on the fireworks that explode in the bedroom, the sweetness of his burning kisses, and the allure of his lusty body, when he masterfully seduces her and makes her love him always and forever. All she knows is that, in the end, she can’t resist the passion and devotion he’s offering and has to give love a second chance. 

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 4.00