Alpha Shaman

Bad Oak Boys, #2

“Rock Star Baby” Bad Oak Boys #1 hooked me in; shifters, romance and mpreg. Yes, you read that right, it hooked me in. When I heard there was a sequel I had to read it, I wanted more! I thought if you tell a story in one novel, you tell a completely different story in the next, right? Well, sometimes not.

“Alpha Shaman” had everything that drew me into the first book. More so, maybe. We had that character that needed some major groveling and redeeming, coupled with Josh, the brother of Ryan, and it's the perfect recipe...Or so I thought. My only quibbles with this installment is that it read like the first: the formula seems to be the same. Did I enjoy it? Yes, I thought it was good, better than good, even. But what I really wanted was more of the MPREG aspect that seems to be expected from the series. I want more of the feels and romance and less of the angst and distance that came with both novels. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the romance and the redeeming.

Book Blurb for Alpha Shaman

The world isn’t ready for a rock star werewolf, but Josh Oakley can’t stop biology. When his brother sends sexy wolf shaman Gerwulf to help him, instinct is too mild a word for how he feels. Gerwulf calls to his animal in a way that defies logic.

Gerwulf knows Josh is his mate the moment they meet, but he doesn’t like guys and he doesn’t intend to bond with anyone. He’ll help the musician control his wolf, but getting too close isn’t his intention. Besides, he wouldn’t know what to do with a man in his bed.

Of course, shifters can’t dodge fate—a crisis forces Josh and Gerwulf to accept their connection just in time to save Forst Pack from an old enemy. When biology ties them together beyond even a mating bond, will they be able to move past their fear and into a future that holds more than they ever expected?


Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2016 3.50