His Lost Mate

I absolute LOVE this book. The author, Kathy Kulig, is new to me. This book is a great read. From beginning to end I was glued to the pages.

This is a story mixing romance with adventure and paranormal elements. This is a unique story and is well worth the read. Cimi and Kayab are reincarnated, after brutal deaths during the reign of the Mayans, into modern day archaeologists who are intrigued by the Mayan civilization. Each of them have a theory to prove, one being that she's not crazy.

This book is twenty-one chapters long. It certainly doesn't feel like it's that long as you want the story to keep going. By no means does this book creep by and make you wish it was over. The characters are all relate-able to normal people and you are rooting for a few of them from the beginning. This is one book that all readers should have in their collection.

Book Blurb for His Lost Mate

Haunted by the ghost of a Maya shaman, archaeology student Lauren Halpern unearths a tragic romance that she and irresistible, rugged lead archaeologist Deven Chandler had shared in a past life thirteen hundred years before. Deven is struggling with local officials who are threatening to shut down his project because of rumors about antiquity thieves and paramilitary activity in the jungle. Lauren's visions of the past only complicate matters in the present. Despite their differing beliefs in the supernatural, the wild and exotic jungle soon lures them into a passionate love affair.

The shaman's ghost warns Lauren that unless she finds a jade owl artifact, all the members in the field crew will be in danger. But to unearth the artifact she must trespass on restricted land, risk professional disaster and the unknown menace that threatens to repeat their tragic history.

Readers Advisory: This book contains explicit sex scenes and graphic violence.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2015 4.50