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Megan and her ex-partner, an Essenger named Einar, have a past. Five years previous, they had a single night of passion before Megan left. Their one night together produced a pregnancy, but Megan had placed the embryo into stasis. Einar married a fellow Essenger and unknown to Megan, implanted the embryo into his now dead wife.

Einar summoned Megan onto a space station outside of his home planet of Essenger, planet that does not allow foreigners to enter. Their reunion is emotional, but all is not happy when Megan learns of her daughter. Contrary to Megan’s emotions, Einar has plans to make Megan his wife.

Will Megan accept his proposal and will the Essenger people accept her?

Impassioned begins very well. The past between Megan and Einar adds a level of depth to the story that sets up a very hot, steamy reunion. Also, I enjoyed learning about the Essenger and how Megan had to fight her way into position on the planet.

Unfortunately, about half way through the book, the story had been told. The next half of this novella had some direction, but I found the story uninspiring and a bit dull. I believe that if Impassioned had included flashbacks with Einar and Megan, the story would have been stronger. Also, the second half of the story could have been shortened to maintain pacing similar to the beginning of this sci-fi novella.

Impassioned is a new installment in the Terran Times series. If I had read others books in this series, I quite possibly could have gotten more out of this novella. In its current form, Impassioned starts well, but is unable to maintain the pacing set in the beginning leaving me with the impression this novella is simply another average science fiction romance.

Book Blurb for Impassioned

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Megan has been summoned to Essengar station in orbit above a planet she is not allowed to set foot on. No alien has the right to walk on that world. She meets her ex-partner in the psi-tracker corps and immediately is overrun with emotion. Einar stirs lust, longing, and when he tells her that he took their child out of stasis to be born in a surrogate, she feels fury.

Punishing him in the most direct way possible, she drains her immediate anger and they can begin the negotiations for Megan's his his wife.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 3.25