After Glow

Lola is approaching two hundred years old. To survive and maintain the survival of her species, she must seduce a human male and steal his soul. She finds Stephan, seduces him, but is unable to finish the deed. Unable to complete her mission, Lola leaves, but being a reporter and smelling an interesting story related to recent killings, Stephan follows her. Will Lola be able to resist Stephan a second time or will she give in to the pressure to save her alien species?

At its heart, After Glow is a meeting of soul mates. From the moment Lola and Stephan meet, their attraction is undeniable. I enjoyed how Lola’s story slowly unwinds, not handing the reader her entire existence at once. Also, I was amused when Stephan followed Lola, not giving up on the woman who caught his eye. Unfortunately, the believability of Lola and Stephan’s relationship ends after this point. I like stories of destined soul mates, but I like there to be more of a connection than that of the flesh. Sadly, After Glow isn’t much more than an extremely hot, sexy night of earth shattering sex.

I liked the idea of After Glow, but I think the story needed to be a bit longer to fully explore the relationship between Lola and Stephan. This erotic short story began well, but did not have the necessary length to develop a believable romantic connection.

Book Blurb for After Glow

To save the males on her home planet, Lola Zentar was designed for one purpose only—to seduce a psychic, human male and steal his life force during sex. But from the second Lola discovers her chosen male outside a night club, she is compelled to betray her race and explore the sensual desires he has awakened. She refuses to put him at risk and flees despite knowing it means her death. 
Investigative reporter Stefan Rodriquez smells a story behind the mysterious Lola. Could she have a connection to the men found burned to a crisp? But more intriguing are Lola's psychic abilities and deliciously alluring body. He follows her home, hoping to find his lead story and delve further into the connection Lola and he share. 
When an emissary is sent to check up on Lola's progress, danger threatens the pair. Will Stefan survive to experience the After Glow in Lola's arms?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 3.00