Mrs. Mommy

Tales from the Brazos

I LOVED how “Mrs. Mommy” is told. It has its sad moments, but overall it’s an uplifting romance. The characters are all wonderful and I loved the attraction between Grainger and Grace. I also enjoyed how Grace was trying not to confuse her son Eddie with different stories. Grace is a good mother and she puts Eddie feelings ahead of hers.

Author Nancy Smith Gibson has a wonderful storytelling voice.

Book Blurb for Mrs. Mommy

When Grace Belding moves back to her hometown of Mineral Wells, Texas, she brings with her a young son and a secret that could potentially destroy their lives.

Grainger Davis is the local deputy sheriff. His attentions could spell disaster for Grace if he asks too many questions.

As Grace finally lets her guard down and becomes comfortable in her new life, dangers surface that threaten to unravel the well-crafted lies that keep her and her son safe.

Grace must learn to trust Grainger. With a secret of his own, Grainger must learn to trust Grace. Is their love strong enough to face the dangers together?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2018 4.50