Hawaiian Ginger

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Hawaiian Ginger

The Hawaiians Book 4

First off I have to say, WOW! "Hawaiian Ginger" is Hot Hot Hot! I loved how the story was written with such strong characters throughout the story. The dialog was amazing from beginning to end. Author Meg Amor brought the scenery to life, it's breathtaking.

The romance between Danny and Zane was just wonderful. I liked that Zane was discovering new things. In "Hawaiian Ginger" Meg includes a character with a hearing impairment. She does a wonderful job showcasing that and you get to experience how how Zane makes do without hearing everything.

I have to say it again, "Hawaiian Ginger" was amazingly written. There was so much emotion throughout the book. Overall, it is a wonderful story.

Book Blurb for Hawaiian Ginger

Zane Andrews, a striking redhead and severely deaf dancer, has a love of pretty aloha dresses and girly feminine things. He comes from a poor, and extremely sheltered, cultish background. When he and Danny connect after the winning tango, things heat up quickly. But what about Zane’s relationship with Kaleho? Guilt eats at him and he wonders what he’s doing.

Danny’s a fourth-generation Hawaiian Big Islander, from the wealthy Lucerno ranching family. He’s a dark-haired, smoldering mix of Portuguese male and Argentine sensuality who was fighting his attraction to Zane. But even he can’t deny where his heart has taken him.

When Zane decides to face Kaleho, Danny disappears to Las Vegas. Zane’s worried he’s gone back to his old, glamorous life he had with Paolo. Has he lost Danny?

Zane’s first time on a plane to Vegas away from Hawai’i overwhelms him. And what if Danny rejects him? Then Zane’s past catches up with him. His abusive birth parents sue Danny and his adopted family, the Masterson-Mahikoas, sending everyone into turmoil.

Can they finally heal from the past abuse of dysfunctional family relationships? Will Danny and Zane be able to accept each other’s backgrounds, insecurities, and express their deep feelings for each other?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2017 4.50