Canine Cupids

"Canine Cupids" is a multiple story book. Readers should expect fun and hot romances. I loved that the dogs were the cupids and how the author chose to write these as a novellas. The stories are touching and heartwarming.

In the first story "The Maltese Terror" you get two loners who never thought about love until it was there. You could just see the sparks that flew around them. It was great and you get to experience the different types of love. Overall the story pulls the reader in.

The second story is "A New Leash on Life". What a catchy title! In this story I like how the author chose to have friends reunited after a decade of doing other things in life. After being in a large city for so long and coming home to a small conservative town it’s hard to adjust to life after having a lot of things and then losing a lot of things. I like the aspect that the author chose to go with.The characters really worked well together. It was a wonderful story and I loved how the author wrote it.

"Rescued by Love" brings us to the last story and readers get a good Samaritan story. This was a very special story and that is what really kept me wanting to read till the end. I wanted to find out what was going to happen. The characters were great in this story and they worked well together. The dog was the true hero. You could see the devotion. She had great intuition about people and knew where they belong and was together and starting a new life. I like that the characters didn’t know what was missing until it happen and then they wanted a lot more time and not to be alone.

Overall, the Author did a wonderful job of writing all three totally different stories. In the ends each was different, but belonged in this compilation. She really kept the readers interest and suspense on what was going to happen next.

Book Blurb for Canine Cupids

Loners Caleb, Justin, and Garrett are each caught up in too many daily problems simply trying to survive and overcome past sorrows. Although they are tired of one-night stands and short-term romances, they secretly long for the perfect partners to share their lives. When fate brings Nick, Barry and Dan into their worlds, each of them fights the sudden pangs of lust and desire. They cannot help but fear the differences will be too great for a real bond to form and dread the pain sure to come when things do not work out.

It takes some clever canines to recognize their masters belong together. With a wide range of tricks and treats, several dogs work sly magic to bring their beloved humans together. When a Canine Cupid goes to work, there is no telling where those arrows will fly!

Note: Maltese Terror and Rescued by Love were previously released by another publisher. A New Leash on Life is a new story.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2017 4.50