Autumn comes home from school one day to find her athletic star sister stabbed to death. The novel opens with the gripping scene as she calls 911 and attempts CPR. As a gifted mathematician and forensic science hobbyist, Autumn finds herself frustrated with the police's lazy efforts to find her sister's murderer, so she takes it upon herself to solve the heinous crime.

I instantly felt a connection with Autumn; despite her gifted IQ, she is an average teenager who has trouble making friends and meeting boys, and loves her family more than anything else. The grief felt by Autumn and her family is palpable and true to life. Each family member deals with their grief in different ways; some family members grow apart and others grow closer. With this wonderful story, I felt the magic of reading for the first time in a very long time.

I highly recommend Unraveled to anyone who enjoys strong characters, mystery, love stories, and reading magic. I was completely immersed in the story and forgot about my own problems for the few hours it took me to read it. It was truly enjoyable and satisfying.

Book Blurb for Unraveled

Sixteen year old math whiz, Autumn, spends her days reading about serial killers and dreaming of becoming an FBI Profiler. She never dreams her first case will be so personal. Her world is shattered when she comes home from school and discovers her murdered sister’s body on the living room floor. When the initial evidence points to a burglary gone wrong, Autumn challenges the police’s theory because of the personal nature of the crime. Thinking that finding the killer will bring her family back together, she conducts her own investigation using her affinity for math and forensics, but her plan backfires and her obsession with the case further splinters her family.

When her investigation reveals the killer is someone she knows, Autumn offers herself up as bait and set a dangerous trap to unmask his true nature and to obtain a confession for her sister’s murder.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 4.50