Magic High

Andrew High is a secret school for mages. Tabetha Long attends along with her friends, trying to learn to control their powers. Her life is turned upside down when her mom gets a job as her gym teacher, her school opens its doors to “normies”, her estranged father comes back to town to shoot a reality show, and a cute new boy starts at school all in the same week. What’s a girl to do? We can only watch as Tabetha works through the embarrassment of going to school with her mom, and the anger she still feels for her father, even as he tries to make her the star of the show, all while trying to appear normal for Eric, the new boy at school.

Magic High by Christina Gaudet is a quick, light read. This coming of age book may be aimed at the younger range of YA, probably around thirteen or fourteen, but can be enjoyed by all. Tabetha deals with many issues that a normal teenager could face every day, like problems with family, friends and classmates, but throw in magic powers attached to the emotions of a high school girl and you know it is going to get interesting, so sit back and enjoy the ride.

Book Blurb for Magic High

Welcome to Andrew High, a school for mages...

That is, until its doors are opened to the non-magical, or “normie,” population. That means no more magic allowed on school property. For Tabetha Long, whose powers are directly related to emotions, hiding her magic is difficult. When her mother is hired as the new gym teacher, and her father comes back to town with is reality television show, difficult becomes impossible.

Now her every move is being caught on video and everyone else at school wants in too. All Tabetha wants is to become invisible.

But then the mysterious and cute new guy, Eric wouldn’t be able to see her either...

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 3.50