Stygian's Honor

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Stygian's Honor

A Novel of the Breeds, #27

Stygian has one mission and that is to find Honor Roberts. Honor’s last known location was near the Navajo Nation’s lands and Stygian needs the help of Liza Johnson to complete his mission. Liza finds herself drawn to Stygian in ways she can’t fight but for the sake of her people she needs to keep him at a distance. The threat to long held secrets brings them ever closer together and closer to Liza’s destruction. Can Stygian find Honor and keep his claim on Liza or will the truth tare them apart?

Having read all the books in the breed series I was anticipating a hot and steam story that was captivating and engaging. I found Liza to be a disappointing character as she was very wishy-washy. She had no consistency and her inability to make a decision was very unappealing. Stygian on the other hand was what I have come to love in Lora’s books. He was a dominating, strong, alpha male but also loving and supportive. I felt that Stygian carried the book but it still wasn't enough to make up for the disappointment of Liza. 3 hearts.

Book Blurb for Stygian's Honor

Longarm helps out a former Texas Ranger with a gold claim. When raiders come under cover of night with guns and torches, Longarm's waiting to make short work of them.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 3.00