Seduce Me in Dreams

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Seduce Me in Dreams

A Three Worlds Novel, #1

Commander Bronse Chapel is between a rock and a hard spot. He knows that something is not right with his mission assignment but can he trust the source of the warning. Ravenna meets Bronse in his dreams warning him against the danger that he and his team is in. How can she convince him a logical soldier that her “knowing” is never wrong. And how can she fight against the feelings that he arouses in her and keep her family safe.

Before long Bronse and Ravenna meet and their passion spirals out of control endangering all those around them. Can they discover who is betraying them and stay alive long enough to bring the answer into light.

Jacquelyn Frank does an amazing job of creating a universe and characters that readers can’t get enough of. She brings the primary characters to life and leaves the readers begging to know more about them and the secondary characters as well. My hopes to another book in this series :). Five hearts all the way around! Thank you Jacquelyn for making reading pleasurable and please give us more! 

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 5.00