Red Fire

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Red Fire

A Gods of Midnight Novel, Book 1

Ajax Petrakos is disillusioned and weary of life. After living and fighting for thousands of years he only wants to lay down his sword and finally rest. Ajax is called again to defend the greatest of treasures, Shay Angel. Shay was revealed to Ajax long ago as the one woman who would complete his soul. In order to keep her he must protect and win her. How can this be possible when the very gods have turned against them? Ajax is an immortal Spartan warrior and even in life Spartans never give up no matter the odds. 
This is a stunningly passionate new series by Deidre Knight. These seven immortal Spartan warriors make you sit up and beg for more. Write faster Deidre I can hardly wait for the next book in the Gods of Midnight series. 4 ½ hearts!

Book Blurb for Red Fire

A thrilling new series featuring immortal spartan warriors protecting mankind— and confronting passion along the way...
Ajax, the youngest of the warriors, finds himself in Savannah, Georgia, poised for a final battle against Sable, his greatest demon foe. Over one thousand years ago, Jax stripped Sable of his wings and transformed him into a twisted centaur. Now Sable has returned for nothing less than brutal vengeance...
It's in Savannah that Jax encounters the beautiful Shay Angel—the great love of his life prophecied to him more than a thousand years ago. Jax will do anything to protect her from Sable's demonic onslaught, but Shay isn't one to stand on the sidelines. Especially since she has her own historical ties to Ancient Greece...

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 4.50