Bleeding Heart by Michelle Rowen is a short story that takes place after her novel Nightshade. Jill is infected with a substance that makes her blood poison to vampires and sought after by those who want it. Lucky for her she has Declan Reyes a half vampire/human who feels little to no emotion. The perfect protector for Jill but there is only one problem. Jill wants Declan to be very…emotionally involved.

In Skin and Bone by Ava Gray Silas is trying to stay off the grid and doing a pretty good job until Ecuador. A natural disaster brings Silas into contact with Juneau and his world is torn apart. His past hides dark secrets that could cost him more than just his new found interest.

In Jory Strong’s Angel-Claimed - Addai has waited for thousands of years for his wife Sajia to be reincarnated. Vowing that she will never again be taken from him Addai takes her from the harsh realities of life and shelters her from all harm. Unfortunately Sajia has her own mission and being “kept” by anyone much less an angel is not part of the plan. She has things to do and people to save.

The fourth story in this book is by Lora Leigh and it's a breeds story. Primal Kiss fits into the series and is not to be missed.

Enter new worlds created by four talented authors. Where there are no boundaries, rules or impossibilities. All manner of creatures can and do exist to excite the senses and take us on a walk of our own primal side.

Like in most anthologies...some stories were better than others and if you have already read the books these stories pair with you will be more entrenched in these shorts. Overall this is a great anthology and set of awesome paranormal authors.  

Book Blurb for Primal

Four all-new stories of primitive desire- with a never-before- published novella of the Breeds.

#1 New York Times bestselling author Lora Leigh returns to her sensual world of the Breeds in an all-new novella that explores just how savage, and how far, a man is willing to go in the name of desire (A Novel of the Breeds, #23). Plus three other stories of irresistible passions from three masters of hot paranormal romance.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 4.00