Parallel Desire

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Parallel Desire

Midnight Warriors, Book 4

In a desperate attempt to save the lives of this murdered wife and unborn child Scott Dillon posses the body of their murderer and travels back in time. Once his wife is safe and together with his past self he must then begin a new life. What does a man do when the woman he love is n the arms of another, even if Its your past self? The only thing he can do. Continue to fight for his people and his king. This brings him in contact with nurse Shelby Tyler. Suddenly tender and loving feelings erupt for this courageous and vivacious woman. Can Scott Dillon overcome this past traumas and learn to love again or will the truth of his wives murder tear them apart?

Parallel Desire is another amazing story brought to stunning light by master storyteller Deidre Knight. I give Parallel Desire Four hearts for this continuation of the Parallel series.

Book Blurb for Parallel Desire

When Jake Tierny traveled back in time to stop a traitor, a twist of fate rendered his mission unnecessary. Now, he's stranded in his own past, with a woman who has always been his biggest weakness: FBI linguist Hope Harper. Hope was his wife in the future he left behind—but was murdered before giving birth to their unborn baby girl. Now she's alive, but loves another man: Lieutenant Scott Dillon, a man Jake has far too much in common with for the three of them to comfortably co-exist in this world and time.

A Mission of Vengeance

Jake determines to absolve himself over past guilt and grief by setting out on a mission to destroy the man who murdered his family. No way can a man with so much blood on his hands deserve to love again, so Jake shuts himself off to the only other woman who has ever sparked his interest—medic Shelby Tyler. Even the thought of noticing another female feels like yet another betrayal, so Jake leaves the comforts of the Refarian camp—and risks disrupting the entire universe in the process.

A Mission of Love

Shelby Tyler knows a thing or two about incredibly stubborn, self-destructive men. She's spent enough time on Earth to have experienced her own share of heartbreak, but Jake's melancholy eyes and sensual ways awaken something she, too, thought might be dead in her own heart. So when her king sends her to Texas in search for Jake, she has ulterior motives that transcend her official assignment. Finding a heartbroken Jake drunk and brawling at a bar, she embarks on a new mission: to heal his wounded heart.

At Shelby's refusal to be shut out, Jake begins succumbing to his long suppressed passion. But Shelby has a broken past of her own, and when the truth of the murder and their enemies emerge, both must try to awaken a part of their souls they thought were lost forever.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 4.00