Mercury's War

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Mercury's War

A Novel of the Breeds, #16

Ria Rodriquez is the clerk sent into Sanctuary by Vanderale to determine if funding should continue or be halted. Mercury is in charge of ensuring Ria's safety while she is at the compound. Soon though, other agendas begin to rise to the surface and the true agendas begin to come into the light. Ria is not what she appears to be and Mercury appears to be what he isn't. Ria and Mercury must face their true purpose and stop hiding from each other and themselves. Only then can they truly be free to follow the mating call that is pushing them beyond all reason into madness.

I have never read a Lora Leigh book that I didn't love! She has continued to capture my imagination and keep me enthralled from the fist page to the last. Mercury's War is a continuation of Lora's master story telling. I can't wait until the next book and am impatiently waiting for it to be released. Definitely a keeper! 5 Hearts.

Book Blurb for Mercury's War

Nothing matches Lora Leigh's latest entry in the series about genetically altered Breeds with feline DNA and the humans who awaken their desire.

Someone has been slipping the Sanctuary secure information to a pharmaceutical company. Now it is up to Ria Rodriguez to pose as a clerk and uncover the leak. Yet she has no idea of the danger she's about to encounter the passion she's about to ignite in one of the greatest Breeds ever created.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 5.00